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FavLoc menuDo you keep all your downloads in a single place? Neither do I. So, this usually involves saving all to my desktop and then moving things around (if I remember of course), or right-clicking in a download link and selecting SaveLink As… and browsing to the desired location.

FavLoc, a Firefox and Thunderbird extension developed by Justin Scott, fixes this letting you specify favorite locations for your files (for example one for pictures, one for software, another for music files, etc.) and assigning them a short name. Then when you right click on a download link (or an attachment in Thunderbird) you can select to which of those locations you want to save the file. It also works with automatic downloads adding a favorite locations menu to easily choose from.

As usual I would like to see this extension better blended with Firefox’s user interface. For example, remove the Save Link As… item and add an Other location… option. Then add a checkbox ([ ] Make this location a favorite>Name) to the Save As dialog to ease favorite locations definition. Favorite locations could then be sorted/deleted from Options/General.

A great extension you may want to try at Mozilla Add-ons. Vote for this review

Usability: 4/5 – Usefulness: 5/5 – Features: 5/5

6 thoughts on “Download to your favorite locations with Firefox”

  1. Favloc is one of my recent finds too. It really is handy to be able to quickly save stuff to the desktop, to installationfiles or documents.

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  3. This is one great addon. There is only one thing i dont like about it. After for example selectin uTorrent as default application to handle .torrent files checkbox Automatically Select FavLoc in Download Prompt Settings overrides it.
    It’s really annoying.

  4. The “Save Link to Folder” extension was around before this one.

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