Don’t hurt the web, remixed

Don't hurt the web wallpaperFrom Mozilla Development Center: “First designed at the 2006 Firefox Developer’s Summit by Sean Martell based on an idea from Chris Beard, this graphic became a smash hit at the SWSW conference in 2007. Now available as a desktop wallpaper in a variety of sizes.”

I just love it and find great potential in it as a new approach to spreading Firefox to new audiences and the message of an open web. Kit, the little firefox, grabs anyone’s attention and brings a smile almost immediately, so I tried a remix to make it more suitable for other occasions. You can get a poster and a couple of avatars for forums and blogs.

Don’t Hurt the Web Poster

Available in English: Letter SizeA4 Size

También en Español: Tamaño CartaTamaño A4

The avatars, just right click and select Save Image As…

Don’t Hurt the Web Avatar 60 x 60

Don’t hurt the web Avatar 120 x 120

More stuff to come soon, hopefully. Enjoy and let me know your comments.

17 thoughts on “Don’t hurt the web, remixed”

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  2. You know what would be really great? Buttons! I’d definitely stick a button version of that on my website if there was one! 🙂

    Only if you feel like it 😉 If you don’t do it, I’m sure someone else will.

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