Chrome+Opera new tab power for Firefox

In Firefox, from the File menu, select New Tab. Or press Ctrl + T. Or double click on the tab bar. The result is the same: a blank page that does help you get where you really want.

The Firefox development team is well aware of this and is currently experimenting with several ways to predict what you may want to do when you open a blank tab: a search, check a recently visited tab, a new web feed item, or just one of your favorite sites.

Tracer, is a Firefox extension developed by Sudhir Koneru, that takes and extends Google’s approach introduced with Chrome a few weeks ago: it presents thumbnails of the most recently and frequently visited sites (served by, along with a list of recently closed tabs.

It also adds Opera’s Speed Dial to the mix with a Stickies page where you just add (typing web addresses, gulp!) your favorite sites.

The last page is for customization: set the number of thumbnails and its size, and you can also use a different thumbnails provider like websnapr or thumbalizr if you wish.

The result is a very clean, and helpful dashboard to continue your browsing. For me, just add a small list of all currently unread web feed items and I’ll be done.

Being a very first release, it is not surprising to fin a few caveats like it not remembering the selected page the next time I open a new tab.

Tracer is available at Mozilla Add-ons, but you will need an account to download it as it labeled as experimental.

8 thoughts on “Chrome+Opera new tab power for Firefox”

  1. Preety good

    But I dont quite like it the loading time of the pics, the first time its ok, but everytime it has to load the pics it gets boring really quick.

    Anyway, this has a lot of space to improvements. Amazing

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  5. As long as it remains as an optional add on, it’s ok with me. But please don’t make it unremovable as the hiedous “awesome bar”. I rolled back to FF2 and I won’t upgrade until I can chose to disable that awesome annoying bar. Please Mozilla guys, stop thinking that you know what we users want better than ourselves or your pretty nice browser risks to be history.

  6. Very Good, but the thumbnails provider do not show all of my visited Sites.
    And way do you use a thumbnails provider?
    It is against the privacy!
    Other Addons like BookmarkPreview create a local thumbnail on my Disk from my visited Site.

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