Change Firefox progress bar color

Wine progress barTo change the default color of Firefox’s progress bar (in the status bar and the Download window), enter this code in you userChrome.css file locate in your profile folder.

/* Change the progress bar color */
.progress-bar {
-moz-appearance: none !important;
background-color: #660000 !important;

To set your favorite color, change the RGB code (#660000). For example, enter:

  • #333366, for blue
  • #660000, for wine
  • #996600, for gold
  • #FFCCCC, for pink
  • #9900FF, for sky blue
  • #006600, for green

Check more RGB color codes here.

6 thoughts on “Change Firefox progress bar color”

  1. In my world #9900FF is more of a purple than a sky blue.

    It’s too bad the progress bar now becomes a solid line instead of the default boxes though. Any clues on how to keep the default look, but with a different colour?

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