Celebrate OneWebDay 2009

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Celebrate what the web is today: your communication hub, your way of expression, your hobby, your discovery playground, you name it. At the same time, help raise awareness on the importance on keeping One Web: for people of all languages, devices, nations, and conditions.

Get involved in any of several simple ways:

  • Post about it on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, etc. Make sure to use the tag #owd2009.
  • Grab a poster here, take a picture of yourself and post it to Flickr, make sure to use the tag #owd2009. Link to your picture here, and you may win a laptop bag!
  • Grab an image here, print yourself a T-shirt and wear it around, or print a mini poster and show it in your car
  • Donate to OneWebDay. Cold cash is also necessary.
  • Share this link to perform an Internet Health Check, where unhealthy means using Internet Explorer 6.

OneWebDay posters