Celebrate 5 years of Firefox!

Firefox 5 years

On November 9, 2004, a brand new product stroke the web, and it changed. After a halt of 5 years , innovation became again part of the game and it hasn’t stopped since then bringing on millions of users, locales, communities, and equally importantly, competitors: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera are all in the game of exploding the web again, and maybe not breaking it this time.

To celebrate, Mozilla is organizing Light the Web with Firefox.

The idea is simple: do something that involves light and Firefox: project it on a public place, make a Firefox signal with a flashlight, use candles, your cell phone, your house, your car. Take a picture, upload it to Flickr with the firefox5 tag and join the celebration.

Cool Firefox swag is available for the best entries!

You can also use a twibbon to share the celebration on Twitter, host a party. Whatever you do, use the #firefox5 tag.