Camino 1.6 Alpha 1 released

The Camino project has released a very early version of Camino 1.6, the next major upgrade.

Alpha 1 brings several important improvements:

  • Tabs can be scrolled with the mouse wheel or a couple of buttons that appear on tab overflow. A tab list provides a quick way to access other tabs. This is similar to Firefox 2 implementation.
  • Extended support for AppleScript: bookmarks can now be added, deleted and edited through Camino exposed interfaces. Specific windows and tabs can also be referenced.
  • Camino now checks if there are updates available.
  • It includes Firefox as part of its user-agent string. Some web sites incorrectly check for the Firefox string instead of the more precise Gecko to determine browser capabilities which leads to limited versions of the site served to equally capable browsers.

As any Alpha, it is not recommended for public use but mainly for developers and enthusiasts.

More details on Camino 1.6 Alpha 1 release notes.

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