Bug in Ubuntu 10.04 causing Firefox crashes with NoScript

Giorgio Maone, author of NoScript, one of the most popular Firefox extensions, has blogged about several full session crashes experimented by NoScript users on just released Ubuntu 10.04, due to a bug in the xorg-server package.

According to Giorgio, there is already a patch for the bug but it’s not being pushed as an automatic update yet.

To get it, Ubuntu users must run the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bryceharrington/purple && apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

Giorgio also explains that NoScript interaction is just one of many ways a user could hit the bug. A crash can happen even without NoScript installed, reportedly.

3 thoughts on “Bug in Ubuntu 10.04 causing Firefox crashes with NoScript”

  1. In other words, Debian will still have this bug 10 years from now. I’m glad I use neither.

  2. Apple, Google and Microsoft have adopted H.264 for HTML 5 technology but Firefox is using OGG Theora…YouTube and other websites are switching to HTML 5 using the H.264……. isn’t this a disadvantage?

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