Bug fixes, more languages and… Gmail in Firefox 3.0.2

Mozilla has released Firefox 3.0.2, the second update to latest major Firefox release.

As usual, it comes with a number of stability fixes, and patches for five security vulnerabilites, two of them critical.

There are two new locales Sinhala and Slovene, raising to 48 the number of available Firefox locales, with eight more in beta status.

Also, this update bundles Gmail as a web mail provider, so you can use it to compose emails when clicking on mailto: links or for sharing web pages selecting File/Send Link… from the main menu. To use it, open the Options window (or Preferences on Linux and Mac), switch to the Applications page, look for mailto: in the Content Type column, and select Gmail.

To update, select Check for Updates… in the Help menu, or wait for the automatic prompt in the next 48 hours.

More details in Firefox 3.0.2 release notes.

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