Bing coming to Firefox search bar

Mozilla has announced several important changes to the search plugins set shipped with Firefox.

Most noticeable is the addition of Bing to the US English version, as part of a commercial agreement with Microsoft: Like with Google, Microsoft and Mozilla will share revenue coming from traffic sent by Firefox.

According to Mozilla, behind the decision is more than the economic value as Bing “offers a user experience that we think users will find valuable”.

Other locales may include Bing or not, depending  on whether they find it relevant for their particular locale. will be shipped no longer as it is superseded by Wikipedia. Neither will Creative Commons as it has evolved into a general purpose meta search engine. Mozilla clarifies that it will continue supporting the organization and mission.

In case you may miss them: here are the links for the and Creative Commons search engines.

Yahoo!, eBay and Amazon are staying as is any other user installed search engine.

There is no word on when the change is coming, but considering it is a low risk update, it could arrive in the next Firefox 3.6.x update.

4 thoughts on “Bing coming to Firefox search bar”

  1. I dragged my search bar to the Customization Pallete to get rid of it. It takes up too much room and it’s worthless anyway.

    When I come to a search form I right-click it and click Add a keyword for this search. I like how it is saved as a bookmark so I can backup both bookmarks and search engines at the same time.

    So Firefox can stuff my search bar all day long with crappy search engines like Bing, Yahoo etc. and I’ll never even see them. 🙂

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