Better bittorrent for Miro is next

Following the recent Miro 1.0 release, PCF Executive Director and co-founder, Nicholas Reville announced in a brief post that the next version of Miro, 1.1, will feature among other improvements, better bittorrent support.

This thanks to a planned switch from current open source BitTorrent (the company) library to open source libtorrent. Limitations come from the fact that the open source BitTorrent library (not the protocol) is now outdated since it went closed source a few months ago.

libtorrent is an open source project that already delivers a stable bittorrent library and, interestingly, will “add crucial features like encryption (which helps reduce the effects of traffic shaping by anti-neutrality ISPs)”, as noted by Reville.

If traffic is encrypted, ISPs can’t identify the protocol so they can’t effectively filter it out.

One thought on “Better bittorrent for Miro is next”

  1. Until they have the ability to route the bittorent tracker through an anonymous network (i.e. TOR) the ISP’s could still make a determination about what host you are attaching to. Encryption is a start, but azureus is still the best client (I have found) that routes traffic through an anonymous network and encrypts the data over your ISP’s network. They are getting there though. I loves my MIRO

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