Betas market share: IE 52%, Firefox 48%

This is a special announcement for statistics freaks. French web analyzer, Xiti Monitor has just released statistics (fr-FR) revealing that among beta version browser users, Firefox is preferred by 48% (or about 0.7% of all users) while the rest uses some Internet Explorer 7 beta (52% or about 1% of all users).

8 thoughts on “Betas market share: IE 52%, Firefox 48%”

  1. I like the way the sentence is turned: “Firefox is peferred by 48% with the rest using IE”.
    You should work for Fox News!

  2. While this is interesting and probably very encouraging for Firefox and Firefox users, I think the more important issue would be which browser are people using that isn’t beta?

    The fact that betas (even release candidates) have bugs probably scares off both the regular Joe “I just want to browse without problems” user and the Paranoid Joe “Do any of these bugs mean security holes?” user. Me? I’m the stubborn, lazy, “Meh..what I’ve got works” user. 🙂

  3. Walter J. Actually, this wasn’t supposed to be “serious news” since as you say betas market share must be among the most worthless and trivial news around. Actual releases figures according to the same source place IE around 83% and Firefox around 14% for global statistics.

    This was intended more as a fun fact.

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