Go Green or go Full Flat with these nice Firefox themes

Here are a couple of well done themes for you to dress up your Firefox:

GoGreen to show how green you are: grass, corn, and recycling all in a single theme. Authored by Zamaan. Available at Mozilla Add-on.

GoGreen theme

Full Flat is for the monochromatic types with the absolutely minimum lines necessary to call glyph a glyph. By Full-Flat. Available at Mozilla Add-ons.

Full Flat theme

2 thoughts on “Go Green or go Full Flat with these nice Firefox themes”

  1. Full flat is an interisting theme. Its a pitty there are so few nice themes at mozilla. Most of them are ugly as, and yet so many sites have “Best 10 beautifull themes for firefox”. But they are just lies or bad taste like rotten vegetables with no eyes. Personas are lame too regardless of all the hype mozilla gives them~

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