Australian retailer offers 5% off to Firefox users

Australian computer hardware and electronics retailer, Tekfix, is offering a 5% discount to customers who order through their new e-store with Firefox.

Tefix discount“In my experience Mozilla has provided more security and an overall better experience when browsing the Internet. We want to reward people who take the next step and try the browser for themselves.”, said Tony Schirmer, Marketing Manager for Tekfix in today’s press release.

To get the 5% off, Firefox users have to enter coupon code firefoxed in the appropriate field during checkout.

As of this writing however, the checkout page is returning a PHP error when applying the coupon code with either Firefox or a Firefox 3 nightly. Sad for them. As sad as capitalizing the second F in Firefox in the press release, an unfortunately not too rare error.

But a nice way, nonetheless, to raise awareness of a better browsing option among their customers.

8 thoughts on “Australian retailer offers 5% off to Firefox users”

  1. Quite unfortunate.

    Earlier this year John Lilly, Mozilla’s COO, criticized Apple’s duopolistic worldview [1]. Tekfix’s press release tries to sell a similar picture, only it’s just Firefox (not even Gecko) on the standards side and everyone else on the other. We know that isn’t true, and certainly not in the direction of choice and innovation either.

    I bet Mozilla won’t be applauding this.


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  3. Quite, it may not be the kind of activism Mozilla has in mind but it should somehow get the job (raising awareness, some downloads) done while possibly getting some attention from the media.

    Then there’s a big difference between a CEO presenting his binary vision of the world and a fan promoting Firefox through his e-store.

  4. So if you type the code firefoxed into the code with IE, would it work? Sounds to me like some store was hoping to get some publicity for a 5% deal and found a good way to do it.

  5. Nothing against promoting Firefox, Percy, I do so myself every day and cheer the efforts of those who do so with even greater resonance, including mozillalinks. This fan’s way of doing it though is borderline FUD (whether intentional or not) and unfair to the other good players in the arena. We can do better than that, no?

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