Are you a search junkie?

Firefox lets you add as many search plugins to the search bar as you want, and starting with Firefox 2.0 it is really easy to add, remove and reorganize them at will.

You can start searching for a search plugin for your favorite site at Mycroft, or take any search for to your search bar with OpenSearch Fox.

So, are you using them? Didn’t know it was there? Think you have gone over the top?  Share your experience at Mozilla Link’s latest poll.

3 thoughts on “Are you a search junkie?”

  1. I really never felt the need of more than Google!
    Everything I search for I find with Google, so no extra plug-ins for me.

  2. But not everything can be found with gooogle, or not that easy. I have an english dictionary (since I’m not a native speaker, I use it often when posting on forums), Feedster, wikipedia, flickr tags, ebay, and much more, and it’s all just one click away.

  3. People are different!

    And so there are plug-ins for some people, that other people don’t need. And I’m not ashamed to have a word wrongly spelled, and , as a matter of fact, I have the firefox spell-check installed!

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