Adobe opens mobile JavaScript VM code

A golden lion tamarin. Licensed under CC by SageAdobe has opened the source code for its mobile devices oriented JavaScript virtual machine, QVM and added it to Mozilla’s open source JavaScript VM project,Tamarin.

“QVM makes [ActionScript 3] bytecode execute on a majority of devices that consumers already own and is a key part of the future Flash Player and AIR strategies. The open sourcing of QVM will accelerate our device strategy and allow EcmaScript to scale up and down independent of system resources.”, reads Flex tech envangelist, Ted Patrick’s post on the announcement.

The release follows Adobe’s move last year when it donated its ActionScript virtual machine to then newly formed project Tamarin and fits perfectly with Mozilla’s mobile strategy unveiled a few months ago.

Tamarin is expected to debut as part of Mozilla 2, a major update to the Mozilla platform currently in development. It should be featured in Firefox 4.

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