Mute Firefox

For those times you know there is a tab making noises that won’t let you peacefully listen a track or a movie (thanks Flash and programmers), comes Muter, a Firefox extension developed by Yuan Xulei (袁徐磊), that adds a button to the Add-on bar that you can click to make Firefox quiet.

Unfortunately it doesn’t let you know what tab is playing, it mutes the whole application, so it is really a shortcut to, on Windows, the Sound Mixer and muting Firefox there. Still, a good help for those who hasn’t opted to make Flash an invite-only guest with Flashblock.

Muter will let you customize the hotkey (Ctrl + Alt + M by default), the icon, and the button placement.

Get Muter from Mozilla Add-ons.

MultiCopy, a powerful clipboard for Firefox text editing

If you need to copy several different pieces of text from several pages to different text boxes, cells or tabs, and spare the repetitive copy/switch/paste, grab MultiCopy, a clever Firefox extension developed by Guruprasad that allows you to copy as many as and as long pieces of text as you want and then paste them sequentially to wherever you can enter text. I tried with about 15 different pieces from several different tabs and it worked perfectly.

To copy the strings use the usual hotkey (Ctrl or Cmd + C) or the selection context menu. You can also take the different pieces to another application but you will get all of them pasted together. Not as handy but still helpful and time saving.

Try MultiCopy at Mozilla Add-ons.

Meet the new Firefox Add-ons Manager

It has taken a long time for the Firefox team to come up with a significant update to the Add-ons Manager, but it’s finally coming to It looks and works great and there are a lot of opportunities for the new interface.

The Add-ons Manager as you knew it is gone. The new version works in a tab with a sidebar to choose what kinds of add-ons you want to work with: Languages, Extensions, Themes, and Plugins. Plus the Get Add-ons section that integrates with Mozilla Add-ons (not hooked yet) for the fastest, easiest experience.

New Add-ons manager

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Fun with pictures and Kyoote

Want to spice up that funny or interesting picture in the web you just found before sharing it? Great, because Kyoote was created just for that.

Install it, right click on any image, enter some text at the top, center or bottom, align it, and there you go. The image is updated with the text, ready for you to save it and share.

It’s a very first attempt by its developer, Cesar Oliveira, of Prism fame, so you can’t set the font type, size or color, which is pretty much all I’d like to see added, to keep it simple.

Kyoote is available at Mozilla Add-ons but you will need an account as it is still marked as experimental.