Add hot zones to Firefox to search, share, and more

Mouse gestures and spatial navigation are two recurrent approaches to making user interfaces more intuitive and efficient, and Drag & DropZones combines pieces of them both to provide an innovative interface.

This Firefox extension, developed by Captain Caveman, lets you define a grid of drop zones in the content area, and associate each of of them to a search engine or a page context menu action. When you make a selection in the current page, just drag it a bit and a translucent grid is overlaid showing the zones you can drop the selection over to perform the action defined.

In the screenshot above, I’ve added all my search engines and commands to send a link to the current page, view the selection source, and save an image or the whole page. Then I dragged the “MacBook Air” text selection to zone to search for it.  To cancel a drag, just press Escape.

Drag & DropZones is also very customizable: you can set the number of cells in the grid, as well as its color and level of transparency. A button to turn it on and off is also available for the toolbar.

Unfortunately it also adds an item to configure it to the Tools menu, which is obtrusive, since this is an action you may just want to perform once in a very long while.

Drag & DropZones is definitely worth a try. You can get it from Mozilla Add-ons.

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