ActiveState announces Open Komodo project

Built with Komodo buttonActiveState, maker of award winning Komodo IDE and Komodo Edit, a couple of multiplatform application development environments based on Mozilla technologies, has announced Open Komodo, a new open source project that will develop a free open development environment based on the current code of its Komodo line of products.

The first milestone set by the project will be the initial release of the browser side code of its free Komodo Edit in a Mercurial repository by next November so interested developers will be able to download and start playing with it.

Komodo Edit

This is without a doubt great news for web developers and the open source software community as they can now count with a new powerful tool to work with.

In the particular case of Mozilla, as a platform, this opens the possibility for more and more powerful extensions and applications. Komodo Edit already includes a Firefox Extension Wizard which quickly gathers information required by extensions and creates the necessary layout for the XPI files. This could be extended for other Mozilla-based products including Miro and Songbird delivering a true Mozilla development environment as proposed by the Mozpad project which recently started meetings to explore ways to unleash Mozilla’s potential as a platform.

Matt Gertner, AllPeers CTO and one of the original proponents of Mozpad, comments on the release: “many people have cited Komodo as a potential starting point for an IDE tailored to the Mozilla platform if only it were open source, this could be a big step towards my long-awaited Dream Firefox IDE”, referring to a previous blog post in which he wished for a tool for Firefox development equivalent to Eclipse, another open source software development environment.

Mitchell Baker, Mozilla CEO has also acknowledged the relevance of the announcement in her latest blog post: “One of the goals of the Mozilla project is to create a world in which commercial organizations can and do make rational business decisions to promote open software and the open web. Today ActiveState takes another step on that path. And web developers have the promise of better open source tools to make their work easier. That makes today a good day indeed.”

Developers interested in starting to know Open Komodo can download the free Komodo Edit today.

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