A third Firefox 3.5 release candidate on its way

A third and most likely final Firefox 3.5 release candidate is already in the works (currently on build 2) with some retouches to the Firefox icon, localization corrections, and a few performance tweaks here and there.

The 16×16 version of the Firefox icon looks much better known (as you can see in the image below FF3, RC2, an interim version, and RC3), the icon shadow has been moved a little to the left  on Mac OS X to better blend with OS generated shadow, and some pixelatoin has been removed from the 512 x 512 version.

Icon udpates for Firefox 3.5 RC3

Since the changes are pretty trivial, it won’t require a new QA cycle as it usually takes, so the new RC most likely won’t affect the targeted final release date by the end of June (next week).

2 thoughts on “A third Firefox 3.5 release candidate on its way”

  1. Why is it important if the icon looks cool? A fast running, easily hackable browser is what makes me drool. 🙂

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