A second Firefox 3 RC confirmed

On today’s Firefox 3 status meeting, the need for a second release candidate was confirmed and it has been tentatively targeted for early June.

RC2 will fix about a couple dozen bugs including some top crashers, some affecting performance and localization related. Most of the bugs already have patches waiting for review or landing and the revised code is expected for tomorrow, with initial builds available on Thursday. QA will start the same day and last for about a week.

If all goes as planned, RC 2 should be released close to June 6 for a new round of tests by Firefox users. Depending on whether a new critical bug is found or not, a third RC could be necessary or RC2 will become Firefox 3 final.

21 thoughts on “A second Firefox 3 RC confirmed”

  1. When will the release candidates feature the updated Firefox application icon? Or will that only happen when the last release candidate is labelled as “Final” and is released?

  2. Hey Percy, do you know when we’ll see the new icon artwork for Firefox 3? Is it even ready? Will they probably just debut the final new artwork for the icons when it ships the final code? Let us know! 🙂

    1. And by new icons I mean THE Firefox icon that shows on the taskbar/dock etc. Just in case there was any confusion!

    2. I haven’t heard, read or seen a word on this anywhere besides the announcement a few months ago.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if a new icon appears with the very final FF3. I learned about the original Firefox icon just a couple of days before Firefox 0.8 (IIRC) and there was no public discussion or preview. Remember the Firefox icon is not subject to the Mozilla, GPL or LGPL licenses as it is considered data and not code.

      1. This is really good news. The current Firefox icon is really one of most beautiful icons if not the most beautiful icon in the software industry. It really is the Icon of the Firefox and its colors and shape make the brand from which millions of people immediatly recognize the Browser. There is no need to change icon for every release like there is no need for Apple to change its logo for each release of new hardware.

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  8. if you compare the fx2 and fx3 icons, you will notice that the fx3 icon has been slightly updated. the shading is different, and it is less shiny. it’s certainly less that i expected when they said it was being updated, but they didn’t lie.

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  11. I certainly hope they fix that weird visual affect that produces those ugly horizontal bars when one window overlaps another open window on the Mac. I realize it is only momentary, but it looks ugly as anything. (Mac 10.4.10 PPC) Currently, I’ve downgraded back to Beta 5 as this doesn’t happen there and I have found it to be an extremely solid release.

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