A new face for Mozilla Links

Here’s the new theme for Mozilla Links. Unlike previous times, this one I went with a completely from scratch WordPress theme, which of course took more than usual.

Mozilla Links posts are now available as a Twitter feed and in Mozilla Links’ Facebook page for those who prefer to follow that way.

I’m still working a few things here and there including the background color, so it is a great time to share your comments here. What do you like, hate, or miss?

14 thoughts on “A new face for Mozilla Links”

  1. was the previous theme wider? Maybe this one just seems narrower because the bg is so strong. It might need some ‘toning down’

    1. The background definitely needs some toning down. And a wider theme would be nice. Monitors only get larger with time.

  2. I sincerely (and unfortunately) hate it. what bugs me the most are the colors, gradients and the gray shadow. It’s very 2000ish in my eyes.

    Anyways, it won’t make much difference since I’m a subscriber and read it through Google Reader. And I like the content 🙂

  3. Ima say it cause I visit this site all the time. Looks crap. Layout is fine but graphic elements are very old looking.

  4. Personally I just don’t understand this constant need to change the face of the blog. This is at least the fourth change to the site since I first started coming here.

    You don’t have to answer to me, but it seems like a waste of time. Since it’s not my time, not my problem.


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