A Microsoft nod to Mozilla?

You may have heard or read about last week’s dialog. If not, here it is in brief:

  • First, Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, scared a few millions people by saying it’s not possible to keep things in private. His suggestion: just not do that stuff. Media goes crazy.
  • Mozilla’s Asa Dotzler suggested using Microsoft’s Bing search engine, as it has the “less bad” privacy policy. As Mozilla’s deal with Google accounts for about 90% of its revenue, he’s in brief, saying: screw the bottom line, the mission is first. Business as usual for Mozilla. Media goes crazy about integrity.

And today, someone with enough sense of humor at Microsoft, decided to feature a firefox as Bing’s background photo!

Firefox featured in Bing

Via Robert Accetura.

7 thoughts on “A Microsoft nod to Mozilla?”

  1. Well strike me down with thors hammer. Firefox is real! I had no idea. Must find out about this creature.

    Very witty inside joke there on Bing too 🙂

    火 狐

    It does seem there is some doubt over whether the two characters for fire and fox when together make firefox but heck, it’s good enough for me.

  2. I saw that yesterday and showed it off in the office (I work as a web developer whit other nerds….I mean web developers) and we had a blast. I had to take a shot of this and archive it.

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