A few new tab tricks for Firefox

Here are a few new tab tricks you may want to try and keep for Firefox.

  1. Double-click a tab to reload it. Created by Linh Phung, this Firefox extension does exactly as advertised: Double-click To Reload Tab.
  2. Need to display tab contents sequentially? Tab Cycler, developer by Greg Parris, transforms your Firefox into a web page slide show. Install it and right-click on  a tab to start automated tab switching. Right-click on the tab bar and select Cycle Tabs again to stop it.
  3. Need to quickly check for some change in your favorite web mail or social network site or  other pinned app tab? Peek, developed by Dietrich Ayala enables Alt + Shift + Number as hotkeys for a quick check of your app tabs.


One thought on “A few new tab tricks for Firefox”

  1. I use Easy App Tabs : https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/easy-app-tabs/?src=search

    Double-click on tab to pin it as app tab 🙂

    Oh off-topic but you should put a favicon for mozillalinks 🙂

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