A better Java for Firefox 3

Java logoSun Microsystems has announced an important update to its ubiquitous Java plugin which allows Java-based web applications to run across all the supported operating systems and browsers.

The new version, labeled Java SE Update N includes several performance improvements, like a kernel online installer which quickly installs a core set of Java interfaces so first time Java users can access the application faster, instead of waiting for the full install.

A new pre-fetching feature keeps parts of Java in memory so Java applets and applications load faster.

Update N also supports hardware acceleration based on Microsoft Direct3D 9 API, and a new patch-based update mechanism for faster updates and that, thankfully, won’t add several entries to the Add/Install Programs applet on Windows.

According to the FAQ, Mozilla and Sun have been working closely for this update and it was decided that the new features will not be available for the Firefox 2 branch. Instead, the necessary work on the Firefox side, has been added for Firefox 3 and is already available in Firefox 3 Beta 3 and later nightlies.

Sun has been releasing Update N betas for a few months now and the final version is expected for mid-year for Firefox 3 on Windows XP, Vista, Solaris and Linux. Internet Explore 6 and 7 are also supported.

14 thoughts on “A better Java for Firefox 3”

  1. @ Roscoe

    Seamonkey 2 is based on the Gecko 1.9 platform (Same as Firefox 3). If it works in Firefox 3 it should work in Seamonkey no problem.

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  3. Java & JVM

    I do not like them on my box.
    I do not like them in Firefox.
    I do not like them big as a house.
    I do not like them unresponsive to my mouse.
    I do not like them here or there.
    I do not like them anywhere.
    I do not like Java and JVM.
    I do not like them in user-land.

    Java is slower than native, uses alot more RAM and is not secure. It not portable across platforms – often not even from one version of Java to the next.

    Give me Free Software with source code instead!

    1. Have you tried Java ur10?

      Not secure?!?! Less than native apps? Can you say buffer overflow exploit?

  4. Good because java is mad slow right now and always been …. have a hard time thinking its going to be much better.

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  6. I installed latest java in my firefox 3 and some site cant enter chatroom java enabled. What’s the problem?

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