Daum Blue, a beautiful Firefox theme

Daum Blue

Here’s another clean, elegant theme for Firefox 3, courtesy of Daum, a popular Sourth Korean Internet portal.

Developed by Channy Yun, Daum Blue gives Firefox a very calm and sophisticated look that resembles Chrome at some times with its large simple toolbar icons.

Icons in the Options window are also simplified, and you can opt for eqully appealing small toolbar icons.

Daum Blue is still marked as experimental on Mozilla Add-ons, so you will need an account to install it. Marked as Windows only.

3 thoughts on “Daum Blue, a beautiful Firefox theme”

  1. Got it to install in Linux by clicking the Advanced Details link at the bottom of the page, then choosing the latest version

    Works fine in Ubuntu but the tabs are really big not sure if I will keep it.

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