The future of tab browsing

If you are wondering what the future may bring to Firefox you may get an idea from Novembers’ Ben Goodger (Firefox lead engineer) post.

In his post Ben tackles the future of tab browsing in Firefox development. According to Microsoft and Google usability tests, a number of improvements could be made to enhance the browsing experience:

  • Add a close button to each tab to make closing a tab a more intuitive task.
  • Associate a tab opened from another tab to its parent so closing it will take you back to the parent tab.
  • Consolidate preferences for opening tabs from external applications and within Firefox.

So, unless it’s not clear to this point, this may be what you see in the near future.

To get an idea, try Tab X. This tiny extension adds a close button to every tab, a simple feature you may find more usable than the standard common close button.

So, what other enhancement would you like to see in Firefox tab browsing capabilities? Let us know your comments.