9 out of 10 Firefox users would recommend it

On the latest blog post by Mozilla’s Laura Mesa, she shares the results of a survey conducted on past September 23 to randomly selected Firefox users updating to 3.0.2 and 3.0.3.

When asked how likely they were to recommend Firefox to a friend in a scale of 1 to 5, 89% of the 30,272 respondents answered 4 or 5 (most likely), “which can also be understood as an 89% customer satisfaction rating”, said Laura in her post.

The short six questions survey also confirms that most Firefox users hear about it the first time from a friend (55%), with blogs and paper publications cited as second sources (about 13% each).

Asked about the reasons they download Firefox 3, they pointed performance (29%) as the main reason, followed by security (26%),  recommendation (15%), customization (10%), and open source (8%).

The survey also asked for the daily usage of the Internet with ranges from 8+ hours a day to less than an hour. The report doesn’t provide details but 37% were labeled as heavy users (5+ I’d guess), 39% moderate and 24% as light users.

Also, 55% of participant have installed an add-on while 10% have no clue of what an add-on is.

Laura clarifies that Mozilla will wait for a few other quarterly rounds to determine how relevant the results really are. Results for the question on what browser users had used the previous week are being hold “because we got conflicting answers from people, probably due to the wording of the question.”, said Laura.

3 thoughts on “9 out of 10 Firefox users would recommend it”

  1. Maybe Chrome is hipper, Opera faster and Safari nicer. But Firefox still rules the browser-world. Even more with TraceMonkey coming.

  2. “while 10% have no clue of what an add-on is”
    That’s hilarious.

    Better performance (and more control through features) from a browser was exactly what I was looking for in late 2004 when I started searching for something other than the ball and chain (IE) that I had been stuck with for so many years. I tried many different browsers with Opera being my top pick until I discovered Firefox.
    I actually gave Opera a second chance to win me over after I had tried Firefox but there was no comparison.

    I guess that I fall into a rare group of Firefox users who are ones that were actually shopping around for a new browser when I discovered it (downloads.com). Even at its first release, Firefox made a very big and good enough impression to get a new user which says a lot for the quality of it and for all of the planning, testing, and development that went into it.

    It still amazes me that as good as Firefox was then, it’s even better today and will be even more so tomorrow and it hasn’t costed the average user a dime.

    Ironically enough and speaking of improvements, “costed” isn’t in the default Firefox dictionary. For now I’ll take Wiktionary’s word on it that I speeeled it correctly.

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