5 minutes Firefox 3 review

Firefox 3 and it has so much to learn about you may want to read the full review. But if you just need to know the most notable features, all you need is 5 minutes. Go!

0. The road Codenamed Gran Paradiso. 8 alphas, 5 betas, 3 release candidates, thousands of fixed bugs, a cool robot story, a redesigned site, and 20 months since Firefox 2 later, Firefox 3 has arrived.

1. Performance Firefox 3 is three times faster than Firefox 2 running JavaScript powered web applications (like Gmail, Facebook or Yahoo! Mail), while consuming between 30 – 50% less memory than Firefox 2, and less than any other current browser (Opera 9.5, Safari 3.1 and Internet Explorer 7).

2. Your personal web powered by Places. Bookmark pages with a single click. Tag them. File them. Search your bookmarks and history. Save the search.

3. Awesome Location Bar powered by Places. Start typing in the location bar and Firefox will suggest pages based not only on address matches but also tags and titles of bookmarked and visited sites.

4. Visual Refresh Firefox looks better integrated in all three officially supported platforms (Mac OS X, Windows and Linux) thanks to specific themes developed for each: Firelight, Strata, and Tango, respectively.

5. Download resume Your 500Mb download is still 24% to go and you just have to leave, what do you do? Unplug. Firefox will resume the next time it comes up online. On Windows, downloads get automatically scanned by your antivirus. Track download status from the status bar.

6. Full page zoom The whole page: text, layout, images. Need text only? View menu/Zoom/Zoom Text
Only. Plus, Firefox will remember your zoom level the next time you visit that domain.

7. Web mail protocol handlers Is Yahoo! Mail your actual email application? Firefox gets it. Select Options… in the Tools (Preferences in the Firefox menu on Mac OS X, Edit menu on Linux) and change it in the Applications pane. As more web applications add support you will be able to use them as your chat, email, calendar or any other protocol handler.

8. Better security You will now be warned when visiting a site known for serving malware and will have to whitelist a site using an invalid or expired certificate to access it. The new site button in the location bar (gray by default) turns blue for encrypted connections (SSL), and green for sites using EV certificates (PayPal, eBay, banks, etc.)

9. Integrated Add-ons No need to go to Mozilla Add-on to search and install themes, extensions and dictionaries. Open the Add-on Manager (Tools menu) and click on Get Add-ons.

10. More Firefox 3 requires Windows 2000 or later (no Windows 95, 98 or Me), Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later or a Linux distribution based on the Linux kernel 2.2.14 and later. It is available in 45 languages. Firefox 3.1, the next version, is expected for late this year.

11. Get it today and make history as Firefox sets a new Guinness World Record for most downloaded software in a single day. More detail in the full review. Tweak it.

Download Day

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  1. Tue jun 17 20:09:50 Local time Ned.
    Http/1.1 Service Unavailable

  2. Hmm, can anybody even GET to mozilla.com or spreadfirefox.com in order to download the final ones? I think the (overwhelming and earned) demand just blew all of Mozilla off the internet.

    East coast, USA here.

  3. I downloaded Firefox 3 from mozilla.com, couldn’t update it – as mozilla want us to download the new set up file, while trying to update Firefox 3 rc2 says – AUS: Update XML File Malformed (200) , go to http://www.mozilla.com
    Now I am anxiously waiting for Firefox 3.1 – hope to see the location bar and search bar merged together in this new version…

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  5. So, if the feature is called ‘Places’, why is the window headed up ‘Library’?!!!!

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  7. The main reason people or atleast I use to use firefox is that it is faster and hangs lesser compared to any other browser. But Firefox 3 has disappointed me in both the parts equally.

  8. Is it just me or am I the only one who hates Firefox, overhyped, overworked, and way too much of a memory hog. Renders images soooooooo slow, does not run any faster than IE7 and to heck with those acid tests I don’t believe them. Don’ get me wrong I have used Firefox for many years now but I now wonder why, it pre-loads way slower than IE and that was one of the reasons for switching in the first place. I notice also that downloads which I had originally thought in IE were sooooo slow are actually now slower in Firefox, just watch a download speed in FF and then download the same thing in IE and you will see I am right. The only difference between the two are 1. better security in FF 2. FF usually renders all websites and images, nearly. Other than that I can’t wait for IE8 and I am going back. FF has frozen my computer three different times when clearing the cache rendering my computer inoperable and the task manager cannot even kill FF. Like Google it has gotten way too big for my liking, is that not what all you microsoft bashers were complaining about microsoft about in the first place? What goes around comes around. Bob

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