360 Web Browser adds support for Firefox Sync

360 Web Browser is a 99¢ iOS-only web browser that delivers some unique capabilities for the iPhone and iPod Touch, including a radial menu, download manager, Flash support, plugins, and now, adds support for Mozilla’s web browsing data cloud storage service, Sync.

With the Sync extension, Firefox 3.6 users can store their tabs, bookmarks, history, passwords, and preferences in Mozilla servers, and access them from another Sync-enabled application like Firefox, Firefox for Mobile, Firefox Home, and now, 360 Web Browser.

It’s not clear if it supports both ways syncing, in which case it would effectively offer more functionality than Firefox Home, Mozilla’s app which, at this time, can only read your synchronized data from Mozilla servers.

Sync will be a native feature in Firefox 4, and already available in Firefox 4 betas. Note that the current 360WB version only works with versions up to beta 7. Support for beta 8 (released last week) is expected for December 29th.

Via Lifehacker.