The future of tab browsing

If you are wondering what the future may bring to Firefox you may get an idea from Novembers’ Ben Goodger (Firefox lead engineer) post.

In his post Ben tackles the future of tab browsing in Firefox development. According to Microsoft and Google usability tests, a number of improvements could be made to enhance the browsing experience:

  • Add a close button to each tab to make closing a tab a more intuitive task.
  • Associate a tab opened from another tab to its parent so closing it will take you back to the parent tab.
  • Consolidate preferences for opening tabs from external applications and within Firefox.

So, unless it’s not clear to this point, this may be what you see in the near future.

To get an idea, try Tab X. This tiny extension adds a close button to every tab, a simple feature you may find more usable than the standard common close button.

So, what other enhancement would you like to see in Firefox tab browsing capabilities? Let us know your comments.

Mozilla Links Newsletter – 10 – January 6, 2004

Mozilla Links - English Edition
Issue # 10 - January 6, 2004
Welcome back to Mozilla Links!
In our Mozilla Links issue, as reported by a Mozilla Links subscriber,
there was an error in the poll code at the website, which caused that 
votes for Latin America/Caribbean, USA/Canada and Oceania were all 
mixed up. For more info, check this mozillaZine forum topic:
We apologize for this error and so, are posting the same poll again as 
well as the corresponding to this issue.
Do you like games? We do and for all of you who like them too, here is
the first part of our take on Mozilla Games. Once again, the Mozilla
platform excels in providing great all-purpose development tools. You
are just clicks away to charge your Mozilla with some of the most 
beloved classic computer games. Enjoy!
As always, your comments are very much appreciated. Please send them
Percy Cabello
Mozilla Links
In this issue:
	- It's Game Time! - Part 1
	- Take Control of E-mail Receipts
	- Block Flash Ads
	- Review of the Year 2003
	- Project of the Week: MozManual
	- Independent Status Report
It's Game Time! - Part 1 
BlockFall, Cards and Minesweeper (Stephen Clavering et al.)
In this first introduction to Mozilla Games, we focus on Stephen 
Clavering's works. BlockFall, Minesweeper and Cards are the first 
three titles he offers to the Mozilla community.
Installation is pretty simple, like any other Mozilla extension. Just 
click on the XPI link, authorize the extension download and restart ?
your browser. The games will be added to the "Windows" menu in Mozilla
Application Suite and to the "Tools" menu in Mozilla Firebird (preview
* BlockFall 0.3.1 (contributed also by Viljo Viitanen) is a clone of
Alexei Pajitnov's master piece, Tetris(TM). If any introduction is 
necessary for this all time classic game, it consists on strategically
placing falling tetraminoes (pieces made of four squares) in a well, 
forming as many lines as possible to clear the well, score and avoid 
the well filling up. You can try it, here:
To control the pieces:
- Up: rotate the current block clockwise
- Left/Right/Down: move the current block left, right or down
- J: rotate the current block anticlockwise
- K: rotate the current block clockwise (same as Up key)
- P: pause/unpause the game
Next release, 0.5, is currently in alpha stage and adds several 
enhancements, such as hexagonal and triangular tetraminoes, the option
to choose triminoes and pentaminos (so pieces are formed of 3 or 5 
squares, triangles or hexagons instead of classic 4. For an early 
preview, try it here:
* Cards 0.11 (contributed also by Neil Rashbrook and Derek Seabury) is
a collection of patience/solitaire card games including Aces Up, 
Canfield, Double Solitaire, FreeCell, Golf, Grandfather, Gypsy, 
Klondike (like Windows Solitaire), Mod 3, Regiment, Simple Simon, 
Spider and Yukon.
If you are unfamiliar with some of these solitaires, Stephen suggests
visiting the KPatience Manual for the rules on all these games, 
available here:
It features autoplay, hints, infinite levels of undo, scoring, 
animation and intelligent moving of cards when you middle click on 
You may notice that some cards are a little bit blurred, but this 
will be corrected on Cards 0.12, which will be out later this month.
Among other improvements it will feature four new solitaires: Fan, 
Maze, Montana and Seahaven Towers.
Visit the Cards website for more information:
Or try it directly, here:
* Minesweeper 0.5.1
Another of the most popular computer games is also available for 
Mozilla. Minesweeper consists on a field of mines divided into square 
cells where you try to figure out where the mines are, based on 
information provided by adjacent cells. It's pure brain and 
concentration and some few times, also a little luck.
This version also features hexagonal cells which adds a twist if not 
complexity, as we found it easier to solve than the standard square
shaped cells.
Try it here:
Once installed, the game can be accessed by choosing "Play 
Minesweeper" from the "Tools" menu in Mozilla Firebird 0.7 (preview 
technology). This just released version corrects a bug that prevented
from listing Minesweeper in the "Tools" menu, when BlockFall was also
To run Minesweeper in Mozilla Application Suite, type:
chrome://minesweeper/content in the Location bar.
Among others, Stephen is considering Sokoban, Connect4 and Reversi as 
next projects he may want to start as soon as he gets some time for 
these. If you would like to help in these and other game projects, 
contact Stephen Clavering. (
On next Mozilla Links issues we will cover other games available.
Mozilla Links Tip: Take Control of E-mail Receipts
(contributed by
Ever been bothered by getting a return receipt request from someone 
you don't know? It always seems like there is at least one person on
every mailing list who asks for a return receipt on his or her email,
and probably doesn't even know they are doing it.
With Mozilla Mail, you can customize the Return Receipt behavior with
the built-in preferences. 
- In the "Edit" menu select "Preferences"
- In the "Mail & Newsgroups" groups, select "Return Receipts".
- Make sure "When sending messages, always request a return receipt" 
is unchecked, and then customize your receiving behavior.
You can turn receipt requests off altogether ("Never send a Request 
Receipt"), or you can allow request receipts for some messages. You 
can customize based on whether or not you are in the To: or CC: 
fields, which is perfect for mailing lists, or whether the email is 
from your domain (a co-worker, fellow student, friend, etc.), and all
other cases. Mozilla can ask you whether you want to send a receipt,
never send one, or always send one without your intervention.
Mozilla Links PowerTip: Block Flash Ads
(contributed my
If you are you tired of seeing those Flash ads in your favorite 
websites there are ways to prevent displaying them. The best way is to
edit the userContent.css file, which is located in your browser's 
"chrome" directory. Adding the following lines will block Flash 
applets based on typical ads sizes, so, it won't prevent some 
particularly sized ads and general non ads.
/* this hides the usual 468x60 Flash banner ads */
  display: none !important;
  visibility: hidden !important;
/* this hides the not so usual but very annoying 728x90 Flash banner ads 
  display: none !important;
  visibility: hidden !important;
  display: none !important;
  visibility: hidden !important;
  display: none !important;
  visibility: hidden !important;
  display: none !important;
  visibility: hidden !important;
More info on ad blocking and complete tip:
Need more tips? Try the TipBar Extension to get the Tip of the Day in
Mozilla Firebird. Grab it at
You can also visit for more fun tips for 
your favorite browser.
Have a Tip or a PowerTip? Let other users know about it by sending it 
to .
(contributed by MozillaZine, your source for Mozilla news and 
advocacy. )
Review of the Year 2003
2003 has been perhaps the most tumultuous year yet for the Mozilla 
project. Major updates were made to the Roadmap, project names changed, 
Netscape died and transformed into the Mozilla Foundation. 
In this review of the year, we take a look back at the events that have 
shaped the last twelve months.
Full story:
(contributed by Alex Bishop)
The recent work of the Firebird Help Project has been integrated into 
Mozilla Firebird, giving the standalone browser a help viewer and help 
content (bug 165960). The Mozilla Application Suite has also improved 
recently: browser history searches are now case-insensitive (bug 
131470), the online/offline indicator on the Status Bar has a context 
menu for switching between proxy configurations (bug 223908) and version 
0.9.54 of the ChatZilla IRC client is included in the latest trunk 
builds (bug 229545).
Full status update:
(contributed by Brian King)
Project of the Week: MozManual, An Introduction to Mozilla
Is an introductory text (in PDF format) to the most useful features 
and capabilities of the Mozilla 1.5 suite, with an emphasis on the 
Browser, Mail, and Address Book components. This copiously illustrated
55 pages manual provides an overview of the Mozilla suite with the 
goal of enabling new users of Mozilla to quickly and easily understand
what Mozilla is, learn fundamental Mozilla terminology, and learn how 
to access and use the most useful features and functions of the suite.
The PDF file can be used as is. The source files can be downloaded and
further edited as necessary.
Independent Status Reports
The independent status reports include news and updates from 
Mozilla application and extension projects hosted on 
and elsewhere in the Mozilla community.
The latest report was posted on January 4, 2004 and includes:
Firebird Help - v1.0, a Help Extension/Viewer for Mozilla Firebird,
has reached version 1.0! It has been checked into the Trunk and is now
available in recent Firebird nightly builds! An alpha release of the
Help Viewer for Thunderbird is available. And make sure to check out
the Firebird Content Packs specification.
MacroTracker - v0.1a, a local Bugzilla App (without server) in Java,
has been launched. This application will allow local Bugzilla-like
installations that do not require a web server. This will make it 
easier for smaller programming projects that might not have enough 
resources for a local intranet server.
Search Sidebar - v0.1.2, bringing advanced search capability back to
life for Firebird users, unfriendly and buggy plugins have been 
removed from the installer, and some popular plugins have been added.
The site now has uninstall instructions available.
xHermes - 0.3 : pre3, one click web access. After some pretty long 
time xHermes is back and can be added and run from Sidebar again. 
However, few service files have been updated and work is in progress.
Forumzilla v0.4.3, an extension to Mozilla and Thunderbird for reading
RSS feeds, a new pre-alpha version is available with bug fixes 
including the bug that caused the download of feed entries multiple
times, and the bug that caused some feed entries to display an 
incorrect timestamp.
wmlbrowser - v0.5, display of WML content in Mozilla browsers,
this release gives much better integration with the browser - WML
content appears in the main content area, and functionality such as 
Back/Forward, Reload, View Page Source now work. Additionally a couple
more reported bugs were fixed: the browser now sends 
"text/vnd.wap.wml" as an accepted content type.
MozManual - Final 1.0, an Introduction to Mozilla: A Manual for First
Time Users; a brief overview and feature guide. The final version 1.0
is now available. Translations into Dutch, French, German, and Spanish
are in progress. See the project Notes page for details, and requests 
for translation help.
MozEdit 0.1.1, advanced text editing for Firebird/Mozilla with a web 
development emphasis, some minor bugs were fixed to increase 
stability. Work has begun for version 0.1.2 to fix localization 
issues. It now works in Mozilla suite and Firebirde edit in Tab, 
Window, or Sidebar options added and enhancements to Emacs editing 
mode option added.
Read more about each of these projects in the full report at
Due to a mistake in previous poll we are repeating previous poll and 
also posting a new one. Please take the time to vote for both of them.
Last issue's poll: Where do you live?
- Africa
- Asia
- Latin America and the Caribbean
- Europe (Western)
- Europe (Eastern)
- Oceania
- USA / Canada
This issue's poll: Which other classic games would you like to see 
created for Mozilla?
- Sokoban
- Frogger
- Mario Bros.
- Donkey Kong
- Moon Patrol
- Arkanoid
- Pong
- Board games: chess, checkers, parcheese, backgammon, etc.
- Other classic games
Let your voice be counted at
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