KwiClick extends your browsing without breaking it

I think I’ve said it before but I’m not a big fan of web services and add-ons that promise text, audio, or video content related to the page I am currently viewing. At the same time I’ve always wanted a PIP (picture in picture) kind of extension so I can keep an eye on a (long) video while I keep browsing around.

Thanks to KwiClick, a Firefox extension (compatible with versions up to 3.5 Beta 4) developed by KwiClick, I can now. Select some text, right click and select KwiClick  Search. A floating window will rise with Google search results in a tab, but you can quickly see search results in YouTube, Wikipedia ,Twitter, Facebook and a few others in just a click, all within the floating window, without breaking your browsing flow.


And since you can even play a YouTube video (and rip it) and pin the window so it remains visible at all times, I am now watching an old 1930 video of La Habana, Cuba, as I post this. A keeper for me.

You can get KwiClick from Mozilla Add-ons.

3 thoughts on “KwiClick extends your browsing without breaking it”

  1. Very cool extension. Just installed and works especially well on two monitor set-up. I have the floating window open on my secondary monitor and keep working on the primary. Well done!!

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