Update your Google search bar favicon

Firefox search bar with new Google icon screenshotGoogle updated its favicon recently and of course it is coming to Firefox in a future release. But if you don’t want to wait  for the fix, here’s a tip to keep up with the times.

  1. Download this updated version of the Google search plugin. (Only change is the updated data: url for the favicon)
  2. Copy it to your searchplugins folder in your Firefox install folder  (typically C:Program FilesMozilla Firefox on Windows), and overwrite the existing google.xml file.
  3. Restart Firefox.


Firefox update adds click-to-play, location bar autocomplete

A new Firefox update is now available for download featuring a few UI improvements, web development features, and important security fixes.

First thing you may notice is something missing: the site button no longer features a favicon for security concerns: it helps malicious sites spoof some other site’s identity. By removing it, Firefox developers expect users to focus on the meaning of the new icons. Also, as it was redundant with the tab icon,

For regular sites, you get a generic gray world icon.

Firefox 14 site button for regular sites screenshot

Sites offering encrypted communication are presented with a gray lock icon. Continue reading Firefox update adds click-to-play, location bar autocomplete

In-content preferences coming to Firefox

The latest Aurora 15 (to become Firefox 15) features in-content preferences, this is, displaying the Options/Preferences window as a regular web page, eliminating the current modal window which blocks web browsing while customizing your experience.

Note that not all modal windows are going. According to the specs, sub-windows like listing saved passwords will remain as modal windows. Also, the design calls for breadcrumbs and search to easily navigate preferences, and some additional styling to better fit the roomier place.

Firefox in-content preferences screenshot

Continue reading In-content preferences coming to Firefox