Firefox in your country surveys

Mozilla has released the first of a series of six surveys that aim to know how people perceive Firefox is doing in their country.

The first is available now in six languages (with more to come soon) and includes twenty questions that should take no more than 5 minutes to answer. So if you have some time, give it a shot. Results will be released when available

Note that the survey detects your language and constrains the countries menu to those where the language is spoken which may prevent you from selecting the correct one. I suggest you scroll all the way down and select the main language for your country.

Take the survey now.

Tweaks for Firefox 3 download manager

The download manager was dramatically improved for Firefox 3: a progress indicator in the status bar, automatic antivirus scans, a streamlined interface with filtering capabilities, and most notably, download resuming across sessions.

As usual, you can use all these enhancements without touching anything, or go the customization way and tweak a preference or two.

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Firefox in AnyColor

If all you want to customize in Firefox is the toolbars background, there is an extension that specializes in just that: AnyColor.

Created by Pavlos Touboulidis, it allows to easily change the background, text and highlights colors, or use a background image for the upper toolbars area and the status bar, set whether to repeat or not them, and its position. You can also save your customization as a preset or use any of the dozen included for quick access.

AnyColor is similar to Personas, a Mozilla Labs extension, in that you can use an image as a background, but the latter lacks the option to set basic colors. On the other hand Personas, allows users to use remote images and even a web page as the toolbars’ background which just expands the possibilities.

AnyColor is available for download at Mozilla Add-ons, but you will need an account there as it is still labeled experimental.

HP to launch virtual Firefox

HP has announced that is has been working with Mozilla and Symatec on a virtualized version of Firefox as an option to minimize security risks in corporate environments.

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