Set your startup page

By default, when Firefox starts it loads your home page. However you can also set it to the last page you visited or a blank page.

  • In the location bar, enter about:config
  • In the Find text box enter to locate the preference
  • Double click on to edit it. You can enter:
    • 0, to start with a blank page
    • 1, to start with the defined home page (the default value)
    • 2, to start with the last page visited, not necessarily the current tab or window

You’re done!

Stay tuned to Mozilla newsgroups and Thunderbird

Mozilla’s Dave Miller recently announced that Mozilla newsgroups have been moved from Netscape servers to Mozilla own servers. The new newsgroup server is

If you are unfamilar with newsgroups think of them as electronic bulletin boards organized by topics, in this case all of them related to Mozilla such as support, extension development and news on Firefox, Thunderbird and other Mozilla products.

To access these, just follow these steps to configure Thunderbird:

– In the Tools menu select Acount Settings…

– Press the Add Account… button. This will start the Account Wizard

– Select Newsgroup account

– Enter your name and an e-mail address. These will appear as your identification when posting messages to any newsgroup.

– Enter the newsgroup server address:

– Enter a name for this account.

– Verify the entered information and press Finish.

– Next step is subscribing to specific newsgroups in the server (account) you just set up.

– Right click on Mozilla Newsgroup or the name you have assigned to the account and select Subscribe...

– It will take a few seconds for Thunderbird to retrieve the name of all available newsgroups in the account. Then you can check the newsgroups you want to subscribe to and press Subscribe.

– Press OK and you are ready to start checking messages in each newsgroup.

In a snap: Set your home page

You can set any link or currently visited web page as your home page (the page Firefox automatically opens when it starts). Just drag any link from a web page or the web site icon in the location bar to the Home button in the navigation toolbar.

You will be prompted to confirm you want to set your Home Page.