Mozilla awarded a Lutèce d’Or

Lutèce d'Or imageMozilla Europe was awarded a Lutèce d’Or during the latest Paris Capitale du Libre, a technology event aimed to recognize achievements in open source development in 8 categories:

  1. Best Communitary Action
  2. Best Open Source Project
  3. Best Open Source Project by a Local Community
  4. Best Open Source Project by a Government Agency
  5. Best Open Source Project by a SMB (Small and Medium Business)
  6. Best Open Source Project by a Large Group
  7. Best Strategy Involving Open Source Software
  8. Jury’s Grand Prize

Mozilla Europe took the prize for Best Open Source Project

Ben Goodger’s presentation at Webstock

A summary of Firefox lead engineer, Ben Goodger’s “Firefox: Success and Challenges” presentation at Webstock conference in Wellington, New Zealand is available at ZDNet.

Ben goes through Firefox’s origins from the early Netscape days to the first 10 million downloads on Firefox 1.0 first day. What makes Firefox as a project tick and where it is going.