10 years ago: Mozilla 1.0

After a deep rewrite of much of Netscape 4.0/5.0’s code, Mozilla 1.0, later to be known as Mozilla Internet Suite to better distinguish the product from the company, was finally released after more than 4 years of development, on June 6th, 2002.

Aimed towards developers, it would never really take off among consumers. Of course, the story would change a few months later with the launch of project Phoenix, which removed Mozilla’s IRC and email clients, web page editor, many preferences, and wired an extension system from the beginning, into a product to be named Firefox, released a couple of years later.

It was definitely a huge milestone for the Mozilla project, the beginning of a very large community, very complex processes, a much more exciting web. And it’s also a personal satisfaction to have shared the ride all this long.

Mozilla 1.0 screenshot

Here’s the press release for the Mozilla 1.0. You can also grab it from Mozilla FTP server, for a taste of web history.

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  1. I really like stories like this and I hope you can write more, for example a post for every major release or something.

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